Your all booked in (woooop!)
What happens now?.....

What to do now..

Nothing! once we have all your details, deposit to secure your bookings and have sent your confirmation - your all booked in and can enjoy a stress free time knowing you will be pampered on your chosen day!

What can you do to prep for the day?..

We have been doing this for YEARS, so we have all the equipment we need to work efficiently and safely.

Additional things that could help the set up of your booking could include:- 

* If you are having nails, please provide a space with table and 2 chairs (if you have a large dining room table we would just require a small corner of it)

* If you are having a Little Ladies Pamper Party we would require 2 chairs 

* If you would prefer to use your own towels then that is completely fine

* Alert us of any change to yours or guest health conditions that could affect their treatments,

* As a local business we rely a lot of social media and pictures of what we do! we would love if you could get permission from all attending for us to post our pictures. we literally get some GREAT ones and its sad when no one gets to see them


Tips for getting most out of your booking.

* Be comfortable, comfortable clothes or pajamas are the best thing to wear

* We bring all equipment we would need, all we would require from you is a clear area on table

* If you can put of washing and styling you hair until after your treatment - you can enjoy having your shoulders, neck & scalp massage without worrying!

*Do not feel you have to chat to us, if you want to lay back, drift off and relax we will take it as a compliment (but also we are more than happy to chat as well!)


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