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Ultimate Spa Day for 2 - includes:- spa, jacuzzi, sauna, treatment for 2, cream tea & fizz - £130 / Person 1 chooses 2 / Person 2 chooses 2
Blissful Spa Day = Includes:- spa, jacuzzi, sauna & 30 minute treatment / 1 person £35 (select 1 choice) / 2 people £65 (select 1 choice each)
Deluxe Spa Day = Includes:- spa, jacuzzi, sauna & 60 minutes treatments / 1person £60 (select 2 choices) / 2 people £119 (select 2 choices each)
Are you pregnant? (please dont select massage without speaking to us first as this could affect your pregnacy)

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How to find us....

Things to know..

Do we supply robes?...
Currently no, but we are working on this!

When should we arrive? 
at least 10min before to confirm there are no changes on your consultation forms.

* Please note if you are late this will result in less treatment time!

Where do I go?
Head for the swimming pool! we are located in the upstairs area of the leisure club.

Are towels provided? 
Currently no but we are working on this!

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations Policy 

48 hours or more notice priory to booking = Full refund

24 hours -48 hours notice prior to booking = 50% refund

24 hours or less prior to booking = No refund


Are you the Therapy Lodge?

No, we are nothing to do with them, we are located within the main Crowhurst leisure Centre/Swimming Pool, they are a stand alone business based in a lodge near by.

Can I change my treatment on the day?
Possibly yes, call us or email us to check.


Things to be aware of on days you book

Things to consider:

- School summer holidays and half term, as there are usually more children around the park and using the pool.​​ 

- Aqua-cise classes

        Tuesday 17:30-18:15 / Wednesday 09:30-10:15 / Thursday 17:30-18:15 / Friday 09:30-10:15

What if need to change some details?
No problem
email us
or call us here.