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Ultimate - choose 2 x 30min or 1 60 min 

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How to find us....

Things to know..

Do we supply robes?...

Yes -  £15 to hire (free if booked Ultimate Spa Day)

Includes robe and medium towel.

£5 Charge

£10 Deposit  (refund when gown is returned)

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When should we arrive? 
at least 10min before to confirm there are no changes on your consultation forms.

* Please note if you are late this will result in less treatment time!

Where do I go?
Head for the swimming pool. We are located in the upstairs area of the leisure club.


Treatment times 

Your time slot includes the time you take to get changed and on/off the beauty couch, If you are talking/take ages then this will result in less treatment time. So if you leave only having 20min treatment this is usually as you were delayed getting ready, we are typically fully booked and feel it is unfair for customer after you to be delayed, same as we would not want to delay your time.

Also please make sure you have been toilet before your treatment time starts, as this also uses your time leaving you with less pampering time!

What should I take into consideration when booking time slots?

If you would like you nails done - maybe have your spa before treatments, as could affect the the durability of the varnish.  

What is your refund policy?

Cancellations Policy 

48 hours or more notice priory to booking = Full refund

24 hours -48 hours notice prior to booking = 50% refund

24 hours or less prior to booking = No refund


How long do I get?

Spa pass (if included) is 4 hour + your treatment time. Your treatment time is NOT included in your spa pass time it is additional time for your experience day.

There is also the option of afternoon tea - here 

Afternoon Tea 

Although we ask for a time at booking, you afternoon tea is flexible and prepared for you when you go into the restaurant, so no need to worry if you would like you food earlier or later as long as you go in on the same day you have booked it then its all great!

Are you the Therapy Lodge?

No, we are nothing to do with them, we are located within the main Crowhurst leisure Centre/Swimming Pool, they are a stand alone business based in a lodge near by.

Can I change my treatment on the day?
Possibly yes, call us or email us to check.


Things to be aware of on days you book

Things to consider:

- School summer holidays and half term, as there are usually more children around the park and using the pool.​​ 

- Aqua-cise classes

        Tuesday 17:30-18:15 / Wednesday 09:30-10:15 / Thursday 17:30-18:15 / Friday 09:30-10:15

What treatments are included?

This depends on which package you choose but mostly:-





-Tinting * Patch Test Require 48 hours prior

-Waxing (Eyebrow wax & tidy)


Can I double up on my treatment choice?

Yes! if you have choice of 2 x 30min treatments you can always double them up and have 60min massage 


How would my spa day look?

Once you have booked your treatment timeslot you should get a email requesting which treatments you would like.

On the day you have a 4 hour pass to the spa facilities and gym this can be used at your choice either before or after your treatments. (please note! the pool is adults only between 1-2pm)


When booking - The timeslot you book is for your treatment, please turn up 5-10 mins before so we can go through client cards. 

What if need to change some details?
No problem
email us
or call us here 

Reception opening times 

* Please note this is reception times for phones, not treatment times

Monday 10am-1pm

Tuesday - Closed 

Wednesday 10am - 1pm 

Thursday 10am - 1pm 

Friday 10am - 6pm

Saturday - 10am-5:30pm

Sunday 10am-3:30pm