Do you run a business that  provides or wants to provide beauty treatments to your customers
or for a Events/Expos?....

We are the business for


Perhaps you own a salon and are looking for a little support to cover therapists’ holidays or sickness, without any additional overheads?

Whether you’d like us to deliver our beauty and massage services at your venue or support you in delivering your own services, our highly trained therapists are on hand to provide professional, relaxing and luxurious treatments for your customers.


We charge our corporate partners an hourly rate, allowing you to add whatever profit margin you require on top and charge your customers directly.


Alternatively, if you wish to provide a massage or beauty service as part of a package or even free of charge in your luxury accommodation, our hourly rates provide a cost-effective way to do so, without compromising on the customer experience.


Top Tip: Including a free massage is a great way to reach ‘pro’ status for your AirBNB listing!


Our priority at Rose Petals Beauty is customer service and all of our therapists are fully qualified and comprehensively insured. Our team are passionate about the customer experience, providing a wide range of 5- star, salon-quality treatments whilst saving your business money and time.


So, if you’re ready to offer your customers total indulgence with maximum convenience, contact Rose Petals Beauty today and let’s discuss how we can support your business?


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