7 foods to eat for stronger nails

Brittle nails that break or split easily are the bane of many a woman's life.

But by making small, simple changes to your diet, you can ensure that your nails stay strong and resilient.

Here are the top seven foods to eat for stronger nails.

1. Lean meat

Chicken, turkey and pork are packed full of protein. As nails are made out of protein, this is one of the best foods to consume to help keep your nails healthy and strong.

Lean meat is also great for building muscles, too.

2. Seeds

Whether pumpkin or sunflower seeds are your go-to snack, rest assured they are doing great work at keeping your nails healthy. Seeds contain magnesium, Vitamin B6, zinc, and Vitamin E, which all contribute to good nail health.

3. Salmon

If you don't have this fatty fish in your diet, it's time to introduce it, pronto.

Just like lean meat, salmon is packed full of protein, as well as two other key ingredients for healthy nails, biotin and omega-3 fatty acids.

With added Vitamins B6 and B12, salmon is a real superfood for nails.

4. Eggs

Another protein-packed food, eggs are full of Vitamin D, B12, Vitamins A and E, iron, and biotin, which has been scientifically proven to thicken up brittle nails. So kick your day off with an egg or two for breakfast. Your nails will thank you for it.

5. Leafy greens

You probably got fed up with being told to 'eat your greens' when you were a kid. But you were told this for a very good reason!

Dark leafy greens are a great source of iron, calcium and folate, so it's time to listen to your parents and break out the kale, broccoli and spinach.

6. Oats

Oats are great for building up strong nails and bones, with zine, manganese and B-complex vitamins among the reasons why you should consider adding porridge or oat milk into your diet.

7. Milk

Last but by no means least, consuming milk is one of the best things you can do to maintain healthy nails and bones. Packed with calcium and vitamin D, milk also helps to protect the body against conditions such as osteoporosis.

So now you have followed our advice and bolstered up your nails, isn't it time for a manicure...?

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