The importance of collagen for young-looking skin

Let's talk about collagen - you may have heard of it, but what does it actually do? And why should you pay special attention to it?

Collagen is the essential building block of youthful-looking skin. This protein gives our skin its firmness and elasticity. Less collagen means thinner skin, which can lead to wrinkles.

Our body makes collagen naturally until around 3o years of age when production slows down. And when the menopause starts, this accelerates the process.

There are things you can do to help maintain youthful-looking skin, such as having a healthy diet with plenty of Vitamin C, staying hydrated and avoiding too much exposure to the sun. Using a good-quality collagen face cream to nourish your skin can also help.

Our Clever Collagen Moisturiser, from the Rose Petals Beauty skincare range, is made from pure neroli, which is rich in natural Vitamin C. With daily use, you will see a difference in your skin's tone and texture.

For best results, use after the Rose Petals Beauty Fantastic Facial Cleanser and Terrific Toner. Starting at your chin, apply Clever Collagen in an upwards motion, then onto your face starting from centre, smoothing the cream outwards. Finally apply to your forehead in an upward motion to strengthen the facial muscles. This will help to tone and improve your skin's texture.

Although we can't stop time, we can help you to slow down the ageing process.

And if you are unsure whether to take the plunge, why not try a sample of our Clever Collagen Mosituriser in one of our tester posts for just £1.99?

You can see our full Rose Petals Beauty skincare range at our online shop:

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