Why you should consider a gel manicure

Manicures are one of the most popular treatments we offer at Rose Petals Beauty...after all, everyone loves beautiful nails!

And thanks to our gel manicures, you can enjoy your beautiful nails just that bit longer.

A gel manicure uses gel-based polish, which is strong and durable. The beautician will cure the polish under an LED or UV light, meaning your nails will dry instantly.

A gel manicure can last two or three weeks without chipping, or even longer if looked after properly. And because a gel manicure is so durable, it makes it perfect for holidays!

And don't forget your toes - here at Rose Petals Beauty, we offer gel pedicures too!

Prices start at just £20 for fingers or toes (30 minute treatment), or £35 for fingers and toes (one hour treatment). We can also remove the polish for £10 (30 minute treatment).

Gel manicures, pedicures and removals can be carried either in the comfort of your own home or in our Bexhill salon.

To book, please https://www.rosepetalsbeauty.com/prices