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Smart employers know that stress, anxiety, depression and long hours sitting in front of a screen without breaks can all lead to unhappy employees and ultimately to increased sickness and time off work. It’s vital to take time to relax, but in our busy modern world it can be difficult to find the time...


That’s where we come in! Rose Petal Beauty offers mobile workplace massage services, which provide numerous benefits for both you and your staff:

Did you know: Studies show that even a 15-minute massage can increase productivity and concentration? Massage therapy has been shown to increase dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain, helping your staff feel calmer and more focused.

Plus massage can help ease any aches and pains caused by time in front of the computer or repetitive movement!

Companies who use our in-office services have reported a boost in team morale and performance, as well as a decline in sick days.

Isn’t it about time your business saw the same results, whilst also doing something lovely for your staff? It’s a win win!

Whether it’s an office party you’re planning, or you’d like us to pamper your team before work or during their break, our professional therapists are available to meet your company’s needs. We are committed to sending your staff back to their desks with a relaxed smile and a focused mind, all with minimal disruption to your business.

So, if you’re ready to book your next office pamper party or pop-up massage centre, get in touch today

You’ll see staff morale sky rocket.
You’ll hear how valued your team feel.
You’ll see for yourself that happier staff are healthier staff.

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