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About Us

'Professional's That comes to you'

We are a community of fully qualified, friendly professionals. We give High quality, spa grade treatment, Holistic and bonding Activities in the comfort in your home. All our Team are confident in their trade and fully adaptable to different surroundings.  We each use a mix of different products and have our own speciality Treatments and Services.

Meet The Rose Petals Community!

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Our Story

Rose Petals Beauty has been going strong for over 10 years.  Started of by offering Singular Mobile treatments and grew to providing Adult and Kids Pamper Parties.


Recently Rose Petals has undergone a change in Ownership and the new Owner Alice has taking it from Providing Salon Treatments to Spa! This means we are now able to offer more than just beauty treatments but a wide range of activities such as Yoga, Fitness, Dance and Breathwork.


We now do Pamper Parties, cooperate events, pop up spas and much more! 

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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